Wednesday, May 10, 2017

The Little Girl Who Was Almost Abducted

Sara got off the bus with a small group of children. Her older sister had to stay after school so she had no one to walk home with. The other kids had scattered toward the directions of their own  homes leaving her alone.

Unbeknownst to her stood a nine-foot guardian angel. His giant hand swallowed her shoulder as he
watched and guided her toward her house. He glanced over his shoulder. The bus left exposing  snarling demons hanging in and around a small blue car. Two men inside. Their focus on the tiny blonde girl.

Sara scanned the front of the gated community. All looked normal. But she felt as if someone was watching her from behind. Rock music blared and an an engine revved.

"Don't look back. Get home!" The angel's voice boomed in Sara's head.

The little girl ran toward the metal gate door to her neighborhood. The small blue car followed closely behind. The gate that let cars in squeaked open beside her.

Her heart jumped and then raced to the pit of her throat. She thought she'd vomit and grabbed her tummy. The pink book bag on her back weighted her down as did the unsinkable fear invading her mind.

"Hey, cutie pie," a man's voice said off to her left. "Want to come for a ride with us?"

Sara turned slightly and got a quick glimpse of the blue Honda Accord and the two unkempt men. They were old, but not like her grandpa. Stale smoke wafted from the open window to her nostrils.

The guardian angel drew his sword and yelled, "Run, Sara! Run!"

The engine revved again and the two men cackled.

Sara jolted forward and wiggled out of her backpack. It landed on the sidewalk with a thud. Tears thrust into her eyes. She could barely see where she was going and where the men were. "Keep going straight!" There was that voice again.

Little did she know, a squadron of angels now lined her path toward an elderly lady who walked her toy poodle at this appointed time everyday. The dog's bladder was on a strict schedule.

Sara ran smacked dab into the older woman and went into hysterics.

The neighbor lady wrapped her arms around the child. "What's the matter, dear?" Her toy poodle growled at an oncoming blue vehicle.

"Help me!" Sara cried. "They wanted me to get into their car with them."

Earlier that day, one of her other neighbors was up early. The woman had cultivated a habit of prayer. She always prayed for God's protection and His angels to be about the perimeter of the neighborhood. She always prayed for God's warring angels to be about to battle the realms of darkness. She always prayed for every household, their families, and their children. She offered up prayers for protection, healing, salvations, and blessings for her neighbors.

Never underestimate the power of prayer. You never know whose life might be saved.

Also, yesterday afternoon right after I left for work, the little girl across the street was almost abducted. The scumbags are still at large.


  1. I love this, Shelly. God's certainly helped you find your voice.

  2. If only every child had that guardian angel. Terrifying about the real life attempted abduction near you. I'm glad she got away.